Wagner 0516009 PF 30 5/8 HP 3,000 PSI Pro Force Paint Sprayer Review

We got the Wagner 0516009 PF 30 5/8 HP 3,000 PSI Pro Force Paint Sprayer for the upkeep of a number of rental properties that we’re working on upgrading, helping my father-in-law.  First did some shopping around and decided that it was just what we needed, and we haven’t been disappointed.  It’s convenient to transport, with a removable handle.

This work horse comes complete with a 5/8 horsepower motor, 25-feet of spray hose, and a metal spray gun.  The handy, rugged cart it comes with has a telescoping handle.  And the .30 GPM flow supports an .018-inch spray tip that’s reversible and self-cleaning.  Check out the details on the specs, and the motor is a durable double stroke airless piston pump that provides longer life.  I can say that it works beautifully, is used frequently, and it’s going strong.

The first time we used the Wagner was my first time to use a paint sprayer.  We were meticulous about setting up as recommended, and it was definitely a chore.  But then came the good part, which is when you’re actually spraying.  Using the durable metal four-finger commercial-grade airless spray gun, I’ve painted an entire house in one day.

This baby shoots .30 gallons of paint per minute at 3000 PSI.  That’s a lot of painting to get done in an astonishingly quick amount of time.  All of our many experiences using this paint sprayer have been successful and clog-free.

The Wagner is versatile.  We’ve also used the Wagner to stain a large wraparound porch, and it did a terrific job with that, too. We made great time with that job, too.

The portability is a real plus for us because we’ve been hitting it pretty hard, working on several properties at once.  The convenient transport helps, since I’ve got a lot more tools I’m hauling than just the paint sprayer.


  • It’s a real time-saver. The amount of time you save in labor with this paint sprayer is unbelievable.  It’s a real work horse.

  • No clogging.  We haven’t had any problems with clogging, and we get a whole lot of use out of the Wagner.

  • Sprays paints, stains, and sealers.  Besides spraying paint, this paint sprayer also sprays stains and sealers, which is helpful for the different projects we use it for.

  • Conveniently portable.  The portability is really helpful, since we travel from location to location.


  • Clean-up is a task.  I’m sure it’s true for all sprayers, that clean-up is not the simplest or quickest task.  Separator oil is included for clean-up, however.

  • First set-up was tricky. Helpful, complete instructions came with the sprayer, but it was still a new experience for us to use a paint sprayer, and we found the first set-up to be more time-consuming than expected.  It’s gotten easier and quicker with each use.

The cons for the Wagner 0516009 PF 30 5/8 HP 3,000 PSI Pro Force Paint Sprayer, I assume, are true of any paint sprayer.  This is a five-star item all the way.  The Wagner Paint Sprayer is portable, works beautifully with no clogs, and gets the job done quickly.  Without hesitation, I give the Wagner all five stars and throw in both thumbs up.

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