Porter-Cable PSH1 Gravity Feed Spray Gun Review

We invested in a fixer-upper that needed a lot of paint.  I got the Porter-Cable PSH1 Gravity Feed Spray Gun to handle the job, and as a result I’ve been surprised at what a real pleasure painting can be.  The high-volume, low-pressure technology is the best feature, producing high output and minimal overspray.

It comes with a 1.5mm nozzle, but I invested in a larger nozzle immediately.  This spray gun works really beautifully, delivering precise operation with adjustable fluid and spray controls.  The construction is really impressive.  It has a stainless steel fluid inlet and needle, and internally, it’s made of brass.

As noted above, there’s a lot to brag about with this gravity spray gun.  A regulator and gauge fit on the gun, contributing to the overall outstanding technology.  For the price, you get what I think is unbelievable quality.  For instance, a steel threaded fitting is at the bottom of the plastic tank that sits over the gun for gravity feed, so there’s no worries about plastic threads wearing out.

All the time and trouble of setting drop cloths and preparing for a messy paint job becomes less of an issue with this spray gun.  There is minimal overspray, and, on top of that, there’s virtually no fog created – a huge plus.  The technology is truly innovative, delivering the promised high-pressure spray power at low volume feed rates.

With this spray gun, you can easily customize the output, depending on what you’re spraying.  The stainless steel fluid nozzle doesn’t clog up during use, and clean-up is quick and hassle-free.  So as we’ve been doing the work and adjusting pattern size, material flow, etcetera, whether on cabinets, internal walls, or external walls, the spray gun has done an outstanding job.  The bottom line here is that the finish produced is really beautiful, much better than any brush-painting I’ve ever done.

This spray gun is nice and lightweight, too, so it doesn’t wear your hand out.

We’ve painted some rough areas, such as an outside shed, that had some rough, unfinished wood.  The results were outstanding, transforming the appearance with nothing but a paint job, delivering a gorgeous finish.

The information included with the paint gun doesn’t provide much instruction at all, though it does have a helpful chart explaining about how much air is needed.


  • Excellent quality construction. This spray gun has a stainless steel nozzle and needle and internally is constructed of brass.

  • Produces a gorgeous finish.  You get a professional finish with this spray gun, and it’s easy to achieve.

  • Minimal overspray.  Virtually no fog is created when you use this sprayer, a stark contrast to my other experiences with spray guns.

  • Use less paint.  I’m using roughly half the paint needed with other sprayers.


  • Not enough information included.  There’s little instructional material included, so you have to figure out just about everything for yourself; though there is a chart about how much air you need.

  • Only one nozzle is included, 1.5mm. I had to invest in a larger nozzle right away.  The spray gun is worth a lot more than I paid for it, so I decided it was a fair trade, having to make the purchase.

The bottom line for this Porter-Cable PSH1 Gravity Feed Spray Gun is that it’s an outstanding value.  The technology is so impressive, it’s kind of amazing.  You can easily change patterns and output, you get very little overspray, and you end up with a beautiful finish.  No matter what size job you need to do, you cannot go wrong with this durable “5-star” spray gun.

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