Paint Sprayer vs Paint Roller – Benefits of Using Paint Sprayers

paint sprayer vs paint rollerPut simply, the paint sprayer holds paint, which upon operation, is sprayed out in order to paint surfaces rapidly. Paint sprayers can be put to work most effectively when painting fairly large areas. The devices may be purchased in a variety of different styles, spray power settings and sizes. Paint sprayers are becoming very popular owing to their overwhelming ease-of-use when compared to other painting solutions like the traditional paint rollers.

  • Accessibility and speed. Painting with a sprayer instead of a paint roller or even a brush is much faster, meaning that you get your painting job done much quicker! Sprayers work by emitting small paint particles from their nozzle, meaning that every part of what is being painted – no matter whether it be furniture or a wall – will be covered. Due to their solid cylindrical shape, paint rollers cannot do this, and small spaces would need to be covered with a paint brush instead. Painters attempting to force their rollers into small spaces will find themselves having completed a poor job, with scratches or splotches inevitable. The paint sprayer is a simple solution to this issue

  • Ease of use. Anyone can use a paint sprayer as these little devices are so easy to set up. Painters must simply attach their paint can to the paint sprayer and begin work. Rollers require much more effort to get started, owing to the drips often created after dipping a roller into a tub of paint. More expensive electric sprayer models come equipped with extensions to paint hoses, allowing the painter to keep painting without the need to constantly refill the paint can.

  • Even coating. Although no painting style is guaranteed to produce a flawless result, paint sprayers can help to ensure as smooth a finish as is possible. The nozzles of sprayers emit a very fine mist of paint particles, allowing your paint to cover evenly all surfaces with which the mist comes into contact with. If you are planning on painting stair cases, window frames or furniture, consider a paint sprayer to meet your needs.

  • Variety. Although cheap and basic paint sprayer models can usually handle only one paint type at a time, more expensive and sophisticated models often allow for the use of more than one paint type. These models permit the painter to paint with a different thickness of paint each time the sprayer is used. While portable sprayers are great for those painting on a small scale, it is possible to purchase larger styles for painting larger structures. The price of paint sprayers also varies – some are as cheap as $100, while others can cost a few thousand.