How to Clean and Maintain a Paint Sprayer

paint-sprayerPaint sprayers are used for many different tasks including small painting tasks around the house as well as large commercial painting jobs that cover thousands of square feet. In order to keep sprayers working properly and get the most use out of them, it’s important that they be properly cleaned and maintained.

There are a number of steps involved when it comes to learning how to clean and maintain a paint sprayer. Here are a few steps that you can take to get your paint sprayer looking good as new.

The first thing that you must know about cleaning paint in general is how to clean up the different types of paints out there. The two most common types of paint are latex based and oil based. All you need to know when cleaning your paint sprayer is that you must use water when cleaning latex paint, and some type of paint thinner when cleaning oil based paint.

One of the first steps that you can take is to remove all excess paint from the sprayer gun and hose and put it back into the paint can where it came from. This will ensure that you a) avoid wasting paint, and b) make it easier to clean by not having the sprayer full of leftover paint.

Next, remove the paint intake hose from the sprayer and clean it with water if the paint is latex, or paint thinner if it is oil based.

Detach the sprayer guard from the sprayer as well as the sprayer gun tip (which is what creates the thin paint stream). With the tip removed, you can run water or paint thinner through the spray gun at a low pressure. Clean the tip as well as the spray guard.

Place the intake hose into a bucket of water or paint thinner (depending on the type of paint you were using). Plug the paint sprayer in and turn it on. Point the sprayer gun at the container of leftover paint and spray into the container until you see either water or paint thinner coming out. When you do, release the trigger immediately and turn off the sprayer. Give the spray gun trigger one last squeeze to release any pressure that might be in the sprayer.

Clean any accessories that have paint remaining on them, and then pack the sprayer away in a convenient location. If you take the time to do a good job at cleaning your paint sprayer, you will get plenty of use out of it and will enjoy a trouble free painting experience each and every time.