How to Compare Paint Sprayers

compare paint sprayers

To compare paint sprayers, you will first need to determine how big your paint job is. This will be a major factor affecting which sprayer you purchase. HVLP sprayers would be the best option for small paint jobs owing to their quick and easy cleanup, whilst air sprayers would most likely be ideal for larger or long-term paint jobs. Other options for large jobs include electric or gas airless sprayers.

Next, you will need to decide on what paint you will use. HVLP sprayers may be used more effectively than air sprayers when painting using latex paints due to the paint thickness. In addition, air sprayers can result in extra water being added to the paint should a compressor (complete with filter) not be added.

You will also need to compare how much your sprayer and associated accessories will cost. Sprayers can usually be found starting from $200, but the extra accessories all add up. For example, if you are planning on buying an air sprayer, you will need to buy one air compressor in order to operate the sprayer, should you not already have one.

Next, consider what tip size you will require for your paint job. Quite a few factors affect the tip size, including what finish you require, how big your job is and what result you would like. Tips of a larger size allow for faster application as well as thicker paint. Smaller tips provide a better finish, but take longer to use.

It is also important to consider horsepower. Larger jobs require higher levels of power, whilst small-scale jobs will need less. You will also need to choose an appropriate capacity – again, this is dependent on your job size.

Finally, it is important to ‘shop around’ to get the best deal. Once you’ve decided which model you would like to buy, do your research online and check which stores are offering the best deals. Once you are ready to purchase, you will find yourself spending much less if you have done your research beforehand.