Paint Sprayer Reviews – Choosing the Best Paint Sprayer

paint sprayer reviewsLooking for the best paint sprayer on the market? You’ve come to the right place. On this website, you’ll find my unbiased paint sprayer reviews and ratings that will help you to choose the perfect paint sprayer for your needs.

On this page itself, you’ll find a short buyer’s guide to paint sprayers, which will give you a brief overview of the types of paint sprayers available and what factors you should consider when choosing the best paint sprayers. To skip this section and jump right to my recommendations of the best paint sprayers to buy, click on this link now.

Paint sprayers are a painter’s gift from heaven. Anyone who has painted a wall before would know how tedious it can be on the back and arms when painting with a brush or roller. Paint rollers might be slightly better than brushes but it can be tricky to get even coats of paint on the walls. That’s where the best paint sprayers comes in: with their varied patented nozzles and high horsepower, paint sprayers can cover wide areas in the shortest amount of time. Because of their thinner and finer application, you can easily mask imperfections such as cracks and bumps.

Paint sprayers are ideal for both indoor and outdoor painting. As overspraying can be an issue for indoor paint jobs, try to go with a High Volume Low Pressure or HVLP paint sprayer when painting indoors. This type of paint sprayer provides painters with better control and lower overspray. Another type beneficial for spray painting indoors is the airless paint sprayer. Airless paint sprayers have a denser and more controlled spraying diameter to help eliminate problems of overspraying.

Different pump type, pistols and cups are also available for smaller paint sprayers. Paint sprayers with reversible spray tips makes cleaning out clogs much easier and faster. Other features to look out for are an adjustable flow trigger which helps you determine the paint concentration and sprayers with variable spray nozzles for customization.

Choosing the Best Paint Sprayers

For outdoor jobs, you can go for a professional heavy duty paint sprayer with higher horsepower. The heavy duty paint sprayers can handle thick, undiluted latex paints as well as thinner paints. Paint sprayers with a larger hopper capacity can lessen downtime of replenishing paint.

A higher horsepower can benefit painters who are painting multiple locations by providing a higher pounds per square inch (PSI). Generally the larger PSI you have to cover, the larger paint capacity you will have to go. Different capacity cups from 15-30 gallons can be purchased apart for the spraying unit.

Some other equipment you have to consider getting along with a paint sprayer are respirators and safety goggles. These tools are necessary to protect you from inhaling or getting paint in your eyes. When choosing a paint sprayer, stick to reputable brand names with a track record of manufacturing durable and lasting paint sprayers. This is crucial as a good paint sprayer can last you for a long time.

Where Should You Buy the Best Paint Sprayers?

Paint sprayers can be found in most general home improvement stores like Lowes and Home Depot and you can also find them in specialty hardware stores as well. But bear in mind that their prices may vary from shop to shop, depending on the retailer’s availability and price-markup plan.

Generally, I prefer to buy my paint sprayers from because they offer fantastic discounts that make the prices even cheaper than retail stores. While Amazon might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think about paint sprayers, I’ve discovered that their prices are surprisingly competitive. In fact, they are often more affordable than most of the stores I’ve visited in my neighborhood.

Amazon has a large selection of paint sprayers (well over 50+ different sprayer models) and they often provide free shipping as well so its super convenient to buy paint sprayers online. I love it when I get to save on gas/time and I don’t have to lug the heavy paint sprayer back home. I would definitely recommend that you consider buying from

Best Airless Paint Sprayers on the Market

Graco-Magnum-X5-Airless-Paint-Sprayer-262800Graco Magnum X5 Airless Paint Sprayer. I needed to paint the interior of our home and got the Graco Magnum X5 Airless Paint Sprayer (262800) because I’d heard a lot that Graco is an excellent brand and, as an added plus, it was on sale. Working with the Graco paint sprayer was no problem.  I like the portable design and most of all, I’m happy with the finished product.  The walls look really great, like it was done by a professional.  I did watch the DVD that came with it because I haven’t had much experience with paint sprayers.  It also came with a tip and a 25-foot-long hose.  Clean-up was surprisingly easy.

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Wagner-0516009-PF-30-5-8-HP-3000-PSI-Pro-Force-Paint-SprayerWagner 0516009 PF 30 5/8 HP 3,000 PSI Pro Force Paint Sprayer. If you like getting the painting done quickly and painlessly, like me, the Wagner 0516009 PF 30 5/8 HP 3,000 PSI Pro Force Paint Sprayer is what you’re looking for. The motor is 5/8 horsepower, which is plenty of power.  This is a hard-working tool that gets the painting done in record time.  I’ve experienced no clogging; it’s a metal spray gun with a reversible, self-cleaning spray tip.

Whatever you need — spraying paint, stains, or and sealers – this paint sprayer will do it and quickly.  I’ve used the sprayer in all those capacities, so I can vouch for it. It’s really easy to transport the Wagner because the handle is removable.Clean-up is not bad, either.  Did I mention it gets the painting done quickly and painlessly?  This is a must-have, if you’ve got some painting to do.

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Wagner 0515000 Paint Crew SprayerWagner 0515000T Spray Tech 2,750 PSI Paint Crew Sprayer. As a person who believes buying used cars is the smart way to go, I was excited to find the Wagner 0515000T Spray Tech 2,750 PSI Paint Crew Sprayer when I was getting ready to paint our house. This professional-grade paint sprayer was in excellent condition coming out of the box.  It comes with a two-gallon hopper, spray gun, and 25 feet of high-pressure hose.

I get prepared for clean-up before starting to spray, following some of the advice I found from reviewers.   I also go into it with clean-up in mind as just part of the painting job.  With that mind set and things to make the job easier, like a spatula and scrub brush, clean-up goes quickly for me.

The sprayer made a quick job of spraying latex paint on my house and garage.  The reversible tip made it easy to fix clogs.  We also used it to stain our fence and deck.  Everything looks as good as if a professional had done it. We’ve had no problems with the Wagner Spray Tech.  Buying it was definitely a smart move.

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Best HVLP Paint Sprayers – Recommendations

Fuji 2904-XPC Mini Mite HVLP Spray SystemFuji 2904-XPC Mini-Mite 4 HVLP Spray System. If you’ve got a lot of painting to do and can afford to buy the best, you should get the Fuji 2904-XPC Mini-Mite 4 HVLP Spray System. It’s industrial strength, professional grade, and has stainless steel fluid components.

I especially like the insulated, ergonomic handle. It’s comfortable to work with and never gets hot.  The pattern control knob makes adjusting the fan size easy, and the finish is best part.  It does an impressive job, always professional looking. This great tool has plenty of power and has a heavy-duty case and it’s nicely portable. I do a lot of painting with my business, and I couldn’t be happier with the Fuji MM4.  The overall design and operation is of the highest quality.

Without a doubt, the best HVLP paint sprayer on the market. Period.

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Wagner 518080 Control Spray MaxWagner 518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Sprayer. I’ve used the Wagner 518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Sprayer for a lot of refurbishing projects.   It works beautifully and is an absolute bargain, when you consider that it’s easy to use and has great features.  First, you can adjust the air pressure with the variable air pressure control for whatever size job you’re working on, and it has three spray patterns. It comes with a 20-foot air hose, which has been plenty long for my purposes. The Wagner Control Max also sprays latex and stains or lacquers. Clean-up is always quick and easy. I always get a gorgeous finish.  Recommended!

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Best Paint Sprayer Guns You Should Consider

If you’re looking to only buy a paint spray gun without a compressor or engine or any sort, you should definitely consider the following spray guns. I’ve found them to be the best so far.

Porter Cable PSH1 Gravity Feed Paint SprayerPorter-Cable PSH1 Gravity Feed Spray Gun. If you need to do some painting and you’re looking for a spray gun, I don’t think you should look any further than the Porter-Cable PSH1 Gravity Feed Spray Gun.  The price is fantastic for what you’re getting.  The construction is top-notch.  It’s got a stainless steel fluid inlet and on the inside, it’s brass.  It comes with a 1.5mm nozzle. What makes this such a great product is the high-volume, low-pressure technology.  You’re getting high output but at the same time very little overspray. You can easily adjust the fluid and spray controls, so you’re customizing your output with no hassle.  We get a beautiful finish every time, and clean-up is easy.  Anything that makes painting this painless is worth bragging about.

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Tool Force A-C1 Paint SprayerTool Force A-C1 50 PSI 2-in-1 HVLP Spray Gun. I use the Tool Force A-C1 50 PSI 2-in-1 HVLP Spray Gun for painting interior walls and have redone a lot of cabinets with it.  I got this because we already have a 3 HP compressor, and it works really great with the Tool Force.  It comes with two stainless steel nozzles, which we’ve used them both.  The great quality was unexpected because of the price.

The gun is lightweight, and you get terrific control executing spray patterns.  The Tool Force always produces a beautiful finish that looks professional, and clean-up is really easy with the Tool Force. So I think for the price you’re making a great investment with the Tool Force, if you already have your own compressor.

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